A Detailed Russian Dating Guide for Men

Are you going on a date with a Russian woman? Relying on the traditional Western dating rules won’t get you anywhere, as dating a female from Russia is a whole new experience. These women are surprisingly conventional and more challenging to woo, expecting men to follow different dating etiquette rules.

Nowadays, the easiest way to get in touch with females from this European country is through a dating site. There is a multitude of review sites, such as https://breakupshop.com/best-russian-dating-sites/, whose relationship experts provide useful reviews of Russian dating websites.

The following guide will assist you in dating a female from Russia.

Act like a gentleman

One of the first dating rules men should have in mind is being gentlemen when going on a date. Russian women look for chivalry and gallantry in men, hence expecting their potential partners to act as gentlemanly as possible. Start the date by greeting her in an old-fashioned manner by kissing her hand since a kiss on the cheek would be too personal when meeting a woman for the first time.

Moreover, make sure you get out of the car and open the door for her, as well as take her jacket off before she sits down in the restaurant. Keep in mind that Russian women are fond of little gestures, such as insisting on picking them up or giving them a bouquet of flowers.

Pay special attention to your appearance

Although females are known for getting dressed up when going on a date, men are no exception to this dating rule in Russia. Women expect men to choose their garments carefully in order to look smart since jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers aren’t suitable to be worn on first dates. Even if you are keen on casual outfits, make sure you wear a nice shirt, trousers, and a coat to impress your date.

Dating a Russian woman

Apart from apparel, men are also expected to take care of their hair and beard. Even though Russian women find males with light stubble attractive, you are advised to groom your beard and cut your hair. Otherwise, some females might think of you as careless, which isn’t an impression a man should leave on a first date. Additionally, try not to exaggerate with the cologne, as no girl wants to be suffocated in perfume. Click here to check out a helpful man’s guide to dressing for a first date.

Don’t forget the flowers

Another important dating tip that men should consider is buying flowers for their potential partners. Anyhow, it’s paramount not to get the number of flowers wrong, as an even number of flowers is considered unacceptable in Russia. Bear in mind that flowers in even numbers are associated with sad occasions like funerals.

In addition, males should also be careful in the choice of flower colors, as the yellow color is known to be a symbol of separation. One can never go wrong with a red rose or a bouquet with flowers in vivid colors.

Practice good manners

Good manners are of tremendous importance to Russian women, which is why men should take notice of their behavior. When taking your date to a fancy restaurant, it goes without saying that your table manners are supposed to be impeccable. Being courteous to the girl sitting by your side as well as to the restaurant staff is a sign of polite behavior.

Furthermore, when attending a social event, make sure not to embarrass your potential partner by shouting, flirting with other females, or drinking too much alcohol. Tactless behavior is one of the least attractive qualities in a person, which women in Russia find repelling.

Ignore tardiness

Even though tardiness is inappropriate for most individuals, Russian women consider it perfectly acceptable. Hence, it’s essential not to get disheartened or nervous when your date is approximately fifteen minutes late. In fact, one should be astonished if the girl arrives right on time.

In most cases, females provide understandable excuses for their unpunctuality, such as opting for another outfit at the last minute, missing the bus, or being stuck in traffic. Instead of being inquisitive when your date eventually arrives, put on a smile, and ask no further questions. Generally, women find inquisitive behavior rude, particularly on the first date.

Initiate the conversation

In Russia, men are supposed to initiate the conversation and keep it alive throughout the date. The choice of topics is vital for maintaining a positive atmosphere, placing the focus on getting to known the other person better. Make sure you stay away from intimate topics, such as mentioning your ex-partner or asking your date about her previous relationship.

Pay for the meal

One of the most old-fashioned but still valid dating rules in Russia is not letting the girl foot the bill. Although your partner would probably offer to split the bill and take out the wallet from her purse, you should be insisting on paying for the meal.

Bear in mind that Russian men who don’t offer to foot the bill leave an impression of being stingy. Even if the girl is persistent in offering to pay her share, think of it as a test. Visit the following link, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/who-should-pay-on-a-first-date_n_5a94553ee4b01f65f5991138, to solve the dilemma of who should pay on a first date.

Final word

Don’t forget that girls from Russia are interested in males with courteous behavior, good manners, and smart appearance!

Learn the Russian Alphabet the Easy Way

It’s not a secret that learning a language with the alphabet different from the one you are used to is quite a challenge. This definitely applies to the Russian alphabet for English speakers.

If you want to learn Russian but still struggle to memorize the alphabet, we have good news for you: our network of free websites to learn Russian now has a website entirely dedicated to the Russian alphabet and pronunciation!

Besides the alphabet itself, there you can find a lot of useful tools that are designed to help you memorize the alphabet better:

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  • Every letter is represented in its printed, cursive and hand-written versions;
  • For every letter we give 2 audios: one as the letter sounds in the alphabet and the second one as the letter sounds in words;
  • You can practice with syllables and words: on every step, the examples include only the letters that you already learned so you reinforce the knowledge you are getting;
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  • You can download free worksheets to practice hand-written Russian.

And this is not all yet! We have also added for you:

We hope you will enjoy learning the Russian alphabet with our new site. If you have suggestions or ideas on how we can make the site better, don’t hesitate to drop us a message!

The Many Faces of Internet Dating for Russians

It’s no secret that internet dating has become a way of life for many persons. With online dating, men and women have the option to date a person from different ethnic groups. With the availability of hundreds of sites for dating, you can meet and date single women from across the world. A word of caution though; scammers are everywhere so ensure you choose a reputable online dating site to get legitimate profiles.

It’s no secret that many men love dating Russian women. Why? Russian women are beautiful, loyal, intelligent and family oriented. So if you would love to date a Russian woman, check out these tips offered on https://www.datingthrone.com/russian-dating-sites/.

  1. Know the Russian culture

    The Russian culture is big on family, which means that family is very important. The woman’s happiness as well as the happiness of the family is of equal importance to her. If you’re looking to date a woman who is loyal then your obvious pick would be a Russian. Be aware though that they will expect the same degree of loyalty from you.

  2. Updated online dating profile

    Every day, thousands of users log into dating sites trying to meet the perfect date. How do you compete with so many users? First, ensure you include a recent picture of yourself on your profile. Secondly, be honest when you are describing yourself when completing the forms. Being genuine will work in your best interest.

  3. Make your intentions known

    Now that your profile is completed, you need to state the qualities you’re looking for. You have to do this from the very onset so that you can attract females who have the required qualities. Online dating has its own hick-ups. Therefore, never mind if you have to decline some matches. This is a normal occurrence in online dating.

  4. Managing the language barrier

    While there will be communication issues when you are dating a foreigner, there are however, some Russian sites that have translation features that translates automatically. This feature allows you hassle-free communication at the initial stage. Nevertheless, once you have established a relationship, you will have to decide which of the two languages you both will use onwards.

  5. Be a gentleman

    Chivalry seems to be a thing of the past, but not so for most women especially Russian women. Men, if you are considerate, polite and thoughtful then of course, it will be a plus in getting the right match. Take care that you do not send messages that will offend her. Ensure your messages show your respect for her. Never include topics that are rude and inappropriate in your messages. If you do, she will not respond to you.

Online dating sites are subject to scamming and although many have been kicked out, some still find their way in. You can only identify the scammers if you know how they operate. Let us look at some of the most popular dating scam of Russian women.

  1. Asking for money

    After the stage is set and you both have been conversing for a while, she’s now asking you to send money so she can take care of emergency medical expenses and unpaid bills. In addition, she’s asking for money to buy a plane ticket and get a visa to come visit you.
    Don’t be taken in by this, because most likely if you send her the money, you will not hear from her again. If you both need to see each other, then its best that you visit her. The traditional Russian girl would appreciate you paying her a visit instead of she coming to visit in your country.

  2. Ambiguous Profile

    Profiles with photos of beautiful women and minimal descriptions are red flags. These are signs that scammers are at work. Avoid these at all costs because most times these profiles are set up by men trying to trap more persons.

  3. Chatty about their unending love

    You have been communicating via messages for a couple of weeks or months and all of a sudden you are blasted with endless chatter of how much she loves you. If this happens, you might be dealing with a scammer. If this doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct. Run!
    For those involved, online dating is cool. The option of meeting and dating someone from another culture is very exciting. But you have to understand the process and take the necessary precautions to have a profitable online dating experience.

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